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Cater King started from a passion for serving the community, combined with an unconditional love for food. Our goal is to provide exceptional service with a customizable and creative menu. Intertwining different ethnic cuisines and cooking techniques is the foundation for our culinary ambition.


Josh Carrillo, owner of Cater King, started cooking at 5 years old in his grandparents' kitchen. Growing up, he would cook dinners for his family, and his passion continued to grow. When he was old enough, he started working as a dishwasher at a friend's Greek restaurant, but quickly worked his way up to a cook. After trying other industries as a career, Josh continued to come back to his calling: food. He has cooked for both Good Co. Seafood and Agave Rio, along with working alongside catering businesses. Josh's dream to have his own space in the food industry became a reality when he launched Cater King. He loves serving the community through his private chef offerings, his first-class catering services, along with the preparation and delivery of ready-to-eat family meals. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing golf, networking and spending time with his family. He enjoys teaching his kids about food/cooking, visiting spice/farmers markets for creative brainstorming and learning/evolving new recipes.


Cater King humbly serves Houston and all surrounding communities. Outside travel considered on a case-by-case basis.


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Meet Josh, Owner of Cater King

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